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Our Story

Who We Are.

Our History

The development of the centre began in 1995 with an envisioning process involving service users and creative therapists. The Centre provides a person-centred holistic approach to people experiencing mental/emotional distress. Central to the work of the Creative Living Centre is the recognition that:

The physical, mental emotional and spiritual aspects of a person all contribute to a person’s well being.

Between 1995 and 2000 the vision for the centre was gradually realised as funding became available. At first there was only one member of staff who worked with volunteers and professional therapists who volunteered their time to offer therapies and groups to a small number of people. When we were successful in our Community Fund award the scale of the Creative Living Centre activities changed based on the needs that were identified and we were able to offer a much wider range of therapies, self-help groups, classes and support to a much larger group of people.

Holistic Person Centred Approach

Members coming to the Centre define their own needs and make their own choices about their path through the opportunities which the Centre offers. To facilitate this process the members are given information and support.


The well-being of our members and all involved is considered to be important. This is reflected in the support structure and the physical environment. We recognise that life is a learning process and that we can all learn from each other. We all need to be valued and have a contribution to make. We have a holistic view of the wide-ranging influences on a person’s well-being. We acknowledge the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of a person.


We recognise people need time to be listened to and heard. Individuals need to go at their own pace and be encouraged and supported to make new steps. We encourage active participation in their journey and movement towards self (autonomy) responsibility and responsibility in the context of a community. 

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