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What We Do

The Creative Living Centre

Working together for mental wellbeing

One to One Therapies

The Centre has three Support Coordinators who can help with a range of issues including emotional support; liaising with other members of your support team; looking at opportunities outside the Centre; and dealing with difficult times.

Self Help Support Groups

A group facilitated by volunteers from the Samaritans, providing a safe and supported space for people to share feelings and experiences, receive support from other Members or offer ideas themselves.

Think Better, Feel Better

Think Better Feel Better looks at topics such as motivation, self management techniques, investigating anxieties or worries and looking at ways of reducing these. The course also takes a look at Art therapy and exploring strengths, fears and building on or managing these better, as well as Body language.

Art, Music and Writing Classes

We offer a range of groups and activities including art class, creative writing, art therapy and our very popular singing group.

Saturday Night Social Group

The Centre is open from 5:30 – 8.30 pm each Saturday welcoming both Members, friends & family. There is always a warm welcome, food, fun & games plus music performances going on, often with an additional option of activities such as arts, creative writing and bingo.

Journey to a Positive Self

This course will try to help improve your emotional and mental wellbeing by learning more about yourself and coping strategies, through group discussion and exercises.

Cafe Space

The Centre provides a social space for members to get a cup of tea and sit in a calm environment with others. Members can play board games, catch up with friends or take part it classes. 

Physical Exercise and Wellbeing

We provide a number of activities including Yoga, Tai Chi, Relaxation Group and Gardening in order to facilitate healthier bodies and healthier minds. 

Boost your Confidence

Boost your Confidence, is a great course looking at those moments you find yourself angry with the wrong people, feeling shy or unsure when talking to someone. The course looks at how you can handle situations differently and helps you boost your confidence with useful and practical ways. More so, how you want to do this, and what is right for you. 

For over twenty years

We have supported hundreds of members in working towards better mental wellbeing

The Creative Living centre is a unique well-established mental health charity in an accessible, calm and friendly setting based in Prestwich, Bury. It offers a wide range of creative, leisure  and learning activities, individual support and social opportunities which enables each member to be actively involved in improving their own well-being. We encourage each member to identify their own starting point and select an individual programme to support their current need, be it emotional, physical, social, economic or identified mental health issue.  We have created a flexible and accessible service allowing people to use it as and when they need to.

Each person is offered an appointment where they are introduced to the centre and our approach.  They are given time to discover and express their needs and to identify their particular focus. 

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In 2015 to 2016 we delivered

Sessions of classes and activities
Attendances at our Open Space
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One to One support appointments offered